F I R S T, a parent center


F I R S T provides persons with disabilities and their families with programs and advocacy to support and foster healthy, inclusive and self-determined lives. 

FIRST Parent Center :: Asheville, NC


What can F I R S T do for you?

  • Provide information and support about your child’s special needs


  • Help you understand the education system and your child’s education plan


  • Work with you to identify, gain access to, and advocate for community resources


  • Provide parent training for families with young children with autism to train parents to develop communication, increase positive behavior and social skills


  • Provide early intervention services for your young child and family


  • Provide information about transition to adult services


  • Advise you about steps your family can take to advocate for your child


  • Work with you to advocate for systems change


  • Train educators and agency staff about educational issues, inclusion of preschoolers and students with disabilities and community supports


Most of F I R S T staff are parents of children with special healthcare needs who are trained in early intervention, special education law and procedures, community supports and specific disability issues including mental and developmental.


F I R S T celebrates serving families in Western North Carolina since 2002.  

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